IUMI 2023

Edinburgh Conference



Monday 18th September, Opening Session

Introduction of the Common Theme
IMO’s work on maritime safety An overview

Monday 18th September, IUMI Council Meeting

Report of the Secretary General / Council Approvals / Decisions
Report of the Nominating Committee

Monday 18th September, Facts & Figures Workshop

Chair’s Report & Report on World Merchant Fleet and World Trade
Global Marine Insurance Report
Global Geopolitical Risk Outlook: The New Pragmatism

Monday 18th September, Workshop “Cargo”

Chair’s Report & Introduction
Cargo Claims Trends: Bigger vessels
Transportation of Lithium-Ion batteries- What to know
State of the Global Supply Chain

Tuesday 19th September, Concurrent Workshop “Offshore Energy”

Chair’s Report and Introduction
IPP Presenttaion: Catastrophic Risks Facing Offshore Energy
Floating Wind: Novel design or just routine engineering?
Supporting the Net Zero Transition

Tuesday 19th September, Concurrent Workshop “Ocean Hull”

Chair’s Report and Introduction
Maritime Transformations in a World in Transition
Views from a Surveyor

Tuesday 19th September, Workshop „Policy Forum“

Chair’s Introduction
The consequences of the Russia related sanctions

Tuesday 19th September, Concurrent Workshop “Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachts”

Chair’s Report & Introduction
IPP Presentation: Properly manned Yachts
Yachts: Effect during and ending of pandemic on use, claims etc.
Inland Hull: IVR Emission calculation tool
Aspects of illegal fishing

Tuesday 19th September, Concurrent Workshop “Legal & Liability”

Chair’s Report & Introduction
Presentation IPP Unmanned Vessels Part 1 – The Legal Perspective
Unmanned Vessels Part 2 – the Underwriting Perspective

Wednesday 20th September, Workshop “Big Data & Digitalization”

Chair’s Report and Introduction
The time for digitalisation and data-driven decision making

Wednesday 20th September, Workshop “Loss Prevention”

Chair’s Report and Introduction

Wednesday 20th September, President’s Workshop

Introduction and Moderation
Framework conditions as enabler for decarbonization of shipping
Shipping technology: D-Risking Energy Transition