Patrizia Kern

Patrizia Kern is an innovative leader in the use of technology and risk intelligence to drive the global marine insurance industry towards sustainability.

Her career spans +30 years starting at Allianz, GenRe and Swiss Re where from 2012 to 2022 she has been leading Swiss Re’s global marine business for Corporate Solutions, with responsibility for the unit’s cargo and hull business.

As from December 2022 she joined Breeze, an insurance tech start-up focused on developing a Marine 4.0 blueprint to leverage the industry’s digitisation to drive profitability and efficiency. Patrizia is also still collaborating with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions CEO office as consultant for marine sustainability.

Patrizia works across industries, governments and academia to bring new skills and perspectives to develop innovative solutions that enable the sector to transform. She has forged partnerships with global logistics companies, automotive companies, retailers, start-ups, and brokers to enable the end-to-end transformation of the sector.

Developing new talent is something Patrizia feels strongly about. „True diversity is what will drive the real changes required in the marine insurance industry. We need to help train and hire talent from all socio-economic backgrounds and give everyone equal opportunities to help us build a sustainable new marine industry.“

She chairs the Poseidon Principles for Insurance (PPMI), the „Big-Data and Digitalization Forum“ and the „Nominating Committee“ of the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI).

Patrizia is Advisory Board member of the Lloyd’s Register, of the ICC Digital Standard Initiative and of the Global Maritime Forum (GMF).