Lars Lange

Lars Lange, who was born in Wolfenbüttel in 1968, is a qualified maritime lawyer by training and graduated from Göttingen University in 1995. Mr. Lange started his professional career as a maritime lawyer with the law firm Blaum Dettmers Rabstein in Bremen. From 1999 onwards he dedicated his professional life to marine insurance: first as head of the marine insurance department, underwriting and claims, with C. Wm. König GmbH & Co. KG based in Bremen. In October 2008 Mr. Lange took over the position as head of the marine and aviation insurance department at the German Insurance Association (GDV) in Berlin.

In January 2013 he moved to his present position when he took over the office as Secretary General of the International Union of Marine Insurance e.V. (IUMI) where he takes – beyond others – care on IUMI’s IMO and EU activities and fosters the relations to other maritime stakeholders such as ship-owner associations, class, salvors, average adjusters, shipper and forwarders. In his capacity, Mr. Lange holds a number of honorary posts in the maritime environment, for example as the Chairman of the International Quality Assessment Review Body IQARB under the auspices of the IMO, as a member of the Advisory Committee to the IACS QSCS, as technical expert to the BIMCO Safety and Security Committee, and as a board member of the Green Award Foundation.