Ilias Tsakiris

Ilias Tsakiris, CEO of Hellenic Hull Management Ltd since 2005 and American Hellenic Hull Insurance Co. Ltd since 2016, possesses nearly 30 years of expertise in the marine insurance sector. Trained as a Master Mariner at Hydra Merchant Marine Academy and holding a degree in Maritime Studies from Liverpool John Moores University, he commenced his career as an apprentice Deck Officer before transitioning ashore to become an average adjuster in London.

In 1995, he joined Hellenic Hull Management, and his leadership has been pivotal in steering dynamic growth and innovation within the sector. Notable milestones include the launch and management of the American Hellenic Hull Insurance Co Ltd in Cyprus, and his historic appointments as a Council Member of the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) and Chair of the Ocean Hull Committee.

Beyond this, Mr. Tsakiris serves on the boards and committees of numerous marine organizations, including the Piraeus Marine Club, Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance, Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, and HELMEPA’s training committee. Under his guidance, the company has aligned with sustainability initiatives such as UNEPFI – Principles for Sustainable Insurance, Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative, Net Zero Insurance Alliance, and UN Global Compact.

Mr. Tsakiris is also a visiting lecturer and MoU signee at institutions like the World Maritime University, University of Piraeus, and a frequent contributor to prestigious international publications.