Frédéric Denèfle

-IUMI Président after being part of the Executive committee member since 2018 after few years as Legal and Liability technical committee chair and or regular member.

-GAREX’s Managing director since 2017.

-Previously in charge of managing legal and claim matters from 1988 to 2016 in various insurance Groups or Market structures  such as Réunion Européenne  AGFMAT,AGCS and CESAM .

-Law and International relations  academic background  with University of Paris -Sorbone  and Institut libre de relations internationales in Paris.

-Member  of French Marine law association   and France Assureurs (French Insurance Professional association) technical working groups focusing on legal and claims issues in relation with Marine/transports risks

-Lecturer as Marine insurance practitioner in AIX MARSEILLE University and PARIS University.