Dominick Donal

Dominick Donald has spent over 25 years helping corporations, governments, the media and multinational organisations understand the implications of global and regional developments.

This has included being an advisor to the Joint War risks Committee of the Lloyds insurance market for nearly two decades; advising financial institutions on how to anticipate future events, and how markets will respond to them; helping to devise Afghanistan economic reconstruction strategy for the US Department of Defense; and working on social rehabilitation of former combatants in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and the DRC, for the UN.

Dr Donald began his career in the British Army, following a Modern History MA at Magdalen College Oxford. He then wrote foreign affairs and defence editorials for The Times, taught senior British officers at UK defence colleges, worked on security issues for the UN in New York, and acquired a War Studies PhD from King’s College London, before entering the political risk sector in 2002. His analysis has appeared in publications ranging from UN Security Council resolutions to academic journals and UK newspapers, and was pivotal in the Joint War Committee deciding to put Russia and Ukraine on its list of excluded areas before the February 2022 invasion began.